Mark Morgan has a wealth of knowledge in building methods and materials and many years of experience in both traditional and non-traditional building styles. He is a builder/ philosopher/ educator that keeps both the needs of his clients and those of the earth in mind with every aspect of a project.

Mike White

Site Manager MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association)


Mark Morgan was a tremendous asset to the design and construction of our “Straw Bale” house. First in the design he brought a lot of great ideas to the table due to his extensive knowledge both on conventional and also on alternative building!
Then things like when we went to order the trusses the truss company said “we can’t build that” Mark said,”sure you can” and drew it up on the spot.They then were able to do them!
Then on the construction site Mark and his crew were very professional and hardworking, Mark himself was usually on the job-site by 5AM.
We did run into a few problems with the other contractors that did not understand our style of building! Mark was able to work with them and iron out the issues in a very professional manner!! We highly recommend Mark either as a designer or a builder, or both!

Dave and Shari Jacoby (Straw Bale homeowners)


Mark is a consummate professional in the quality of work that he does, he is a great jokester,but he does work with an exceptionally high standard,he is encyclopedic in his knowledge of both alternative and traditional construction techinques, he is a wonderfully ethically person, he treats clients, students,and other professionals that he works with, with the utmost respect

Josh Stolzenburg  North Wind Renewable Energy LLC

Mark Morgan is an extremely knowledgeable technician that has the client, and the overall picture in mind  (instead of
short (selfish) view).  I have had him work on several projects over the years, and he has surpassed my expectations of a quality job, and a wonderful experience.  He takes responsibility for his work in a way that has made me relax during the project, and adds a great sense of humor, and a wonderful intelligence.  I hope he ends up with clients who are willing to pay him what he is worth. . .

Dean Antilla