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A series of video’s helping you with some basic info on different aspects of building!

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Now available our Straw Bale DVD!
A percentage will go to “The Water Protectors @ Standing Rock”

The sale is handled by our friends @ Sunny Day Earth Solutions

Building a Straw Bale Home:a Practical and Spiritual Guide

A documentary following “Green” building “Guru” Mark Morgan of “Bear Paw Design And Construction” see the effects of Mark’s engaging teaching style with some truly beautiful homes. One of which the back up heat source has never turned on in over 14 years in central WI! The sun heats the home! The documentary also covers the reality of solar heating!

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-Building with Straw since 1995

-ISPQ certified instructor

-Has been involved with over 50 Straw Bale structures

-Solar Thermal(heat and hot water) installer

-Solar Thermal instructor

-Natural Building instructor

-Over 35 years Building experience

-Designer/Builder And Instructor